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You will find Chief Pilot/First Officer busy at work long before sunrise. They are pre-flighting the aircraft, supervising fueling operations, and filing the necessary flight plan for the day, and checking the weather.


Learn to fly with us

If you're not sure whether you would like to take the full private pilot's licence course, we've put together the Flying Start. It's the best of our trial lesson packages, and as the name suggests, you really will take off with a flying start!

The package provides 5 hours of dual flying training, and although rates of progress will vary, we would expect you to have covered all of the early flight exercises in the syllabus within these sessions. These will include the effects of controls, straight and level flight, climbing, descending and turning.

On completion of the Flying Start, you will have logged 5 hours towards the minimum 45 hours flight time required for the issue of your European Private Pilot's licence.

The Flying Start consists of:

5 Hours flying training with one of our qualified instructors
Your log book
Membership of your local Aviation Flying Club
Membership of PAI Flying Schools
A copy of the latest ‘Pilot’ magazine 2014
Discount travel abroad