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You will find Chief Pilot/First Officer busy at work long before sunrise. They are pre-flighting the aircraft, supervising fueling operations, and filing the necessary flight plan for the day, and checking the weather.


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Hives proposed that if he wanted to get out of that situation, RR would take over the Jet Engine factory at Barnoldswick and in exchange Rover could have RR's tank factory at Nottingham. The deal was sealed on a handshake and RR found themselves in the jet engine business.

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Rolls Royce had realised that jet propulsion was the way forward and it also knew that Rover, who had the contract to mass produce the Power Jets W2B engine, had an acrimonious relationship with Frank Whittle. In 1942, Rolls Royce boss Ernest Hives and engineer Stanley Hooker met with Spencer Wilkes of Rover in a pub near the Rover factory at Barnoldswick. Wilkes expressed his frustration over the situation with Frank Whittle.

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Many may lament the loss of all these historic and pioneering British companies but it would have been impossible for them all to continue independently in the face of competition from the two large American manufacturers. Happily, Rolls-Royce is now one of the big three global engine makers and arguably produces the finest jet engines in the world.

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