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You will find Chief Pilot/First Officer busy at work long before sunrise. They are pre-flighting the aircraft, supervising fueling operations, and filing the necessary flight plan for the day, and checking the weather.


Hawker Hunter Flying

Hunter Flying FlyingLater on, actually only thirty minutes before flight time, the passengers are arriving and mingling in the warm, friendly atmosphere of the luxurious marbled floor departure lounge.

A signature feature for the early morning flights are the freshly local hangars baked chocolate chip cookies. A delightful aroma of cookies and coffee fills the air.

Today's flight heads up to Toronto in time to start the business air charter day and returns at 4:30pm. Comfort, safety, and convenience is what you can expect from "your own personal private jet charter shuttle". Let us welcome you on board soon....

Flying privately gives you the freedom and control to travel on your own terms. Now you can experience the benefits of private jet cargo travel with ultimate flexibility and no strings attached. Contact a private hawker jets aviation consultant for more information or to request a 
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Model flying club is back where it rightly belongs at Arrowe Park
THE sky’s the limit for Wirral model plane flyers who have returned home after a six-month absence.

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If you are considering taking up formal training at a local airport or flying club then our members may be able to provide you with useful tips on what to look for in a club and so on. 

With the notable exception of Power Jets, which was formed by Sir Frank Whittle to develop his first jet engine, Britain's jet engine manufacturers were already established manufacturers of piston aero engines.

The 1940's and 1950's saw the heyday of British jet engine development with many companies producing their own designs. Some of the engines from that era never made it into the air but some of the designs are still in use today over fifty years since they were introduced. Gradually these companies merged together until there was just Bristol Siddeley and Rolls-Royce remaining. Eventually these two great companies were merged leaving Britain with just one jet aero engine company, Rolls-Royce

The club is not another traditional "Virtual Airline". It is a community for real world aviators that also happen to use Flight Simulator and the excellent services of the air traffic simulation network to practice skills associated with their real world flight activity. If you have any queries about the club then please leave us a posting in the forum. One of us will get back to you!